HX/DWD Series

Dental Handpiece Washer Disinfector

Mixture of blood, saliva and human tissues, which is dangerous and infected, will be left on used dental instruments.  The cleaning and disinfection of these devices must comply with the relevant provisions of the "Health Security Guidelines" to prevent infection. Huaxi dental washer-disinfector is  produced based on the European standard of ENISO15883. It is mainly used for cleaning and disinfection of dental handpieces and related equipments.


High quality 316 stainless steel

Pressure equalizing water supply tray

External spray and internal irrigation

Heating rapidly, automatic enzyme addition

The cleaning process can be printed and traced

Alarm and shutdown protection

Compatible with high and low speed handpieces

Cleaning dental accessories (basket)

High definition touch screen , multiple cleaning procedures


Brief introdction

Huaxi dental handpiece washer-disinfector   adopts internal cavity perfusion and rotary arm spraying methods to achieve complete cleaning and disinfection of instruments. Through the built-in work program of the system, the equipment drives the heated water or the cleaning solution mixed in different stages of cleaning to be sprayed through the pipe of the internal cavity of the dental handpiece and the rotary spray arm, all by performing internal and external cleaning of the irrigation and spray. Mixed water of the cleaning solution is heated to an appropriate temperature to make the enzyme in the best active state and obtain the maximum cleaning effect. At the same time, the high temperature helps detach the accessories from the instrument. Chemical cleaning and physical disinfection are used together to make the cleaned instrument shiny.

The dental handpiece washer-disinfector adopts an external enzyme washing liquid tank design, which is convenient for cleaning and replacement. The container should use a special enzyme liquid bucket to avoid adverse reactions or mismatches between the enzyme washing liquid and the container; the volume of this kind of bucket is 1 L, the predefined duration of use is 30 day.

System functional composition



7-inch LCD touch screen (steam protection cover)

Stainless steel spray arm

5x5 silicone interface for high/low speed handpieces

80 mesh filter (need to be cleaned regularly)

The hatch cover is opened to support the equalizing tray

Power control box

316 stainless steel inner cabin
Enzyme fluid tank

Stainless steel pressure equalizing water supply tray

Plastic spraying shell of cold rolled sheet

Software system


Three kinds of cleaning procedures are preset, graphical interface design, all status information is displayed instantly,   simple and convenient LCD touch screen, all cleaning information can be printed in real time;

The cleaning information can be automatically recorded more than 5000 times without losing data after power failure;

Water level monitoring and alarm;

Cleaning fluid monitoring and alarm;

The water temperature is adjusted automatically according to the program setting;

Fault emergency shutdown and power-off protection design.




Stainless steel pressure equalizing water supply tray

304 stainless steel,5x5 silicone interface for high/low speed handpieces

Accessory cleaning basket

Welded and polished 304 stainless steel,

matching with pressure equalizing water supply tray

Cleaning fluid container

1L standard enzyme barrel, high temperature and corrosion resistance



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