Operating temperature
     105~138℃,Temperature control error±0.1℃
Protective measures

     Water shortage protection and over-current protection of       vacuum pump

     Automatic water supply, water level display, low water             level alarm, heating overrun automatic cut-off

     Automatic protection of leakage current and over current
Alarm and emergency measures
     Alarm when the temperature is too high or too low, alarm       when the pressure is too high or water shortage

      Ultra high voltage forced discharge device, ultra high              voltage emergency automatic power off

Vacuum drying capacity
     Aridity≤1%,Filtration accuracy of return gas 0.01μm
Ultimate vacuum capacity
Temperature verification interface
     GMP standard
Working pressure

HX/YZM-M Series  Pulse vacuum


The equipment is safe, reliable  , efficient and widely applicable. It can reduce the labor intensity of medical staff as far as possible under the premise of ensuring the sterilization effect.

Front and rear channel double door design, main sterilization equipment for disinfection of all kinds of instruments and utensils   (only for heat and humidity resistant appliances)


Brief introduction

On the basis of traditional products, this series of equipment realizes network traceability and other functions by optimizing control and storage. The upgraded version of sterilizer is compact in structure, convenient in layout and suitable for installation in small supply room. A number of advanced technologies are adopted in product design and manufacturing, which greatly improve the performance and quality. The unique temperature pre balance and temperature control technology make the temperature difference between the sterilization room and the package ≤ 1C. The data storage and output technology is the first application in the industry.


The chamber is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, both the cabin body and door are wrapped with   thermal insulation layer (at present, most sterilizer doors have no insulation layer), which ensures the effect of heat insulation. The built-in SUS304 stainless steel steam generator (without additional configuration) is connected with the jacket, and the interlayer condensate can be recycled, which greatly reduces energy consumption and environmental temperature rise. The most advanced automatic translation cabin door (the volume is 600L, the model is vertical lifting door), the high temperature resistant self sealing silicone rubber sealing ring is selected, which is easy to maintain and has long service life. It is equipped with double door interlock and automatic pressure leveling device to ensure that the unloading door can be opened after the pressure relief after sterilization. The equipment adopts high-quality Italian imported zero pressure starting solenoid valve, which reduces the link of driving angle seat valve with solenoid valve, and effectively reduces the failure rate. Sanitary stainless steel pipe with stainless steel high temperature steam filter.

The controller adopts 7-inch high-definition touch screen, embedded Linux operating system has 6 different operation procedures, which can display and record the state and relevant data of sterilization process comprehensively, with powerful function and stable performance. It can be connected with the Internet for real-time monitoring. The system has three levels of operation authority. The administrator authority can set parameters such as cooling, pulsation, drying and vacuum.

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