Extensive application scope
     Able to dry all kinds of medical devices safely and quickly
Graphical operating system
     Easy to operate, multiple procedures suitable for different device, customized
Advanced materials and technology
     High quality 304 stainless steel, main parts made of integrated sheet metal
Optional intelligent tracing system
     Closed loop data recording of endoscopic cleaning process
Channel type double door
     Single door / double door can be selected as required to adapt to different conditions

HX/MDC Series

Drying cabinet

The smooth modeling design and advanced structural technology make the Chinese medical drying cabinet reliable and easy to operate, and can quickly dry the instruments and utensils before sterilization.The cabinet is designed with large volume, which can handle 16 DIN standard instrument trays or 48 anesthesia / respiratory pipes at one time.


Brief introduction

The product is made of high quality 304 stainless steel(brushed metal),which is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean. Toughened glass observation window. The main components are manufactured by an integrated process, with low bacterial adhesion rate and heat insulation interlayer inside, which is safe and convenient to use. The design of circulating gas path ensures that the cabin can reach the specified temperature quickly and maintains it. A drawer type water tray at the bottom of the cabinet is convenient for drainage.

The control drive circuit adopts modular and integrated design, which is safe, stable and reliable. The system presets multiple drying procedures, and can also run and store user-defined parameters, which is user-friendly, simple and flexible. Equipped with multiple diagnosis and alarm functions to ensure the safety of equipment and operators. Remote control interface is adopted, which is convenient to use.


Graphical operating system, intelligent tracing system

Product specifications

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