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Equipment / service providers in the field of infection control

Located in Suzhou, the economic center of the Yangtze River Delta, HUAXI Medical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing infection control equipment and related software. In addition to RDC of Suzhou headquarters, it has a production base (under construction) in Chuzhou, a software development center in Shenzhen and a consumables production center in Henan. More than 12 provinces and cities have offices and after-sales service centers, covering the whole country. With the development of the company, more RDC and production bases will be set up in the future.

Our company is committed to providing medical devices and hospital infection control system solutions for the global market. Combined with advanced technology and experience of developed countries, combined with the demand of clinical health in China, we focus on the design and development of the technology of sensing and controlling and decontamination devices and the Internet plus Traceability Technology. The company has 12 software works, 37 utility models and design patents, and is named "O" and "dual soft enterprise".

License of medical device manufacturer: SSYJX production license No. 20170071

Development & History

With the determination of serving medical care and the trust and sustenance of its partners.   Huaxi Medical equipment has set sail officially on October 8, 2014. Hospital infection control is the basic field of medical and health care. Although it is the foundation, it is extremely important. Huaxi starts from the basic equipment of hospital infection, attaches great importance to research and development, practice internal skills, and deeply understands that only with a solid foundation can we move forward steadily. Over the past five years, there have been sadness, laughter, low ebb and happiness. Finally, Huaxi have united and overcome many obstacles to steer the Huaxi system into a path of healthy development.

Huaxi Medical equipment has set sail officially on October, 2014
Equipment cleaning workstation project development (CSSD decontamination area)
The matching ultrasonic wave, the boiler, the drying cabinet synchronous development
The first product baby bath center launched to the market and won high praise
Development of endoscopy cleaning workstation
Simultaneous development of auxiliary products related to endoscopic transport and storage
Prototype of endoscope cleaning workstation developed and tested
Development of dental cleaning and disinfection machine
Project development of intelligent interconnection system
Dental cleaning and disinfection machine prototype machine completed the entry test
Equipment cleaning workstation and prototype of supporting products are developed and tested
Endoscopy cleaning workstation officially launched into the market and received high praise
Rapid automatic cleaning machine and sterilization project started preliminary research
Small scale trial and continuous improvement of endoscope cleaning workstation and supporting products
Project approval of endoscope automatic cleaning machine
Intelligent interconnection system development completed and entered the test
The prototype of endoscope automatic cleaning machine has completed the entry test
Upgrading old products, developing new products
China Department will continue to improve its product line around the clinical needs of hospital infection
Develop steadily with partners in the way of combining software and hardware



Our mission

To create a safer and more reliable medical environment for human beings

Our Wishes

Being the most reliable partner of doctor / safeguard human health hand in hand

By 2030, we will become the first brand of infection control in the domestic market , with sales beyond 10 billion.

Our core values

Customer first: customer-centered, striver-oriented, long-term commitment to struggle

Any tiny actions aimed to create values for customers, any efforts made to enrich and improve ourselves during the actions are regarded as “struggle”, otherwise, no matter how hard and exhasuted are we, it is improper to define this actions as “ struggle”

Spirit of the craftsman: Suzhou has always been known as the "Capital of Craftsmanship", with hundreds of skilled craftsmen who share a common motivation and a common heritage. The wealth left by history will often help us create new achievements and successes. Countless skilled craftsmen in history who have given full advantage of the "Spirit of the craftsman" to create the outstanding "Suzuo" brand and market power. We strive to build a"Suzuo" brand in the new era.

Pull together for a common cause : From Shangshu · Gao taomo   ( a history book )

From the incontrollable global epidemic to the normalization in the future, people all over the country and the world should abide by this creed, ranging from the country, the company, to the family, that peace benefits both of us while seperation harms us.

People - oriented: Our attention is fixed on personal character, ability and performance, so that everyone can take full use to their talents and skills, to make each staff in Huaxi a success.

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