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(Central sterile supply department)

CSSD (Central sterile supply department) is the department responsible for the cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and sterile supply of all reusable medical instruments, appliances and articles in the hospital. It is also an important safety measure to ensure that patients, nursing staff and medical staff do not have extra infection during the hospital diagnosis and treatment.The hospital is the place for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. If the prevention and control is improper, the consequences will be unimaginable. As surgical instruments, endoscopes and other related instruments that directly contact with patients or even enter the body, they are the most important part of the sensory control work. The process of cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, storage and distribution must be carried out in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Practice has proved that as long as the operation is strictly in accordance with the regulations and preventive measures are in place, the possibility of being infected in hospital diagnosis and treatment is small.

Introduction of HUAXI

Located in Suzhou, the economic center of the Yangtze River Delta, HUAXI Medical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing infection control equipment and related software. In addition to RDC of Suzhou headquarters, it has a production base (under construction) in Chuzhou, a software development center in Shenzhen and a consumables production center in Henan. Huaxi has offices and after-sales service centers covering more than 12 provinces and cities. With the development of the company, more RDC and production bases will be set up in the future.

Our company is committed to providing medical devices and hospital infection control system solutions for the global market. Combined with advanced technology and experience of developed countries, combined with the demand of clinical health in China, we focus on the design and development of the technology of sensing and controlling and decontamination devices and the Internet plus Traceability Technology. The company has 12 software works, 37 utility models and design patents, and is named "O" and "dual soft enterprise".

The development of Huaxi  / Corporate culture/ Opportunities…

Product concepts

Huaxi adopts modular design concept, selects high-quality materials, and build with

high-standard technology. From the beginning of the design, human-computer

interaction factors were emphasized to ensure the quality and the working state of medical staff.

Other infection control products

We have developed automatic cleaning machine and transfer storage equipment for endoscopy center, ultrasonic wave, boiler, quick cleaning disinfector, drying cabinet and sterilizer for supply center, cleaning disinfector for dental clinic, air disinfector for ensuring diagnosis and treatment environment, etc., and provided matching disinfectant and consumables.

蒙版组 15.png

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine‍

Besides the ultrasonic cleaning machine and boiler embedded   in the workstation, the supply center may need separate ultrasonic cleaning machine, boiling machine and other equipment.

蒙版组 13.png

Medical boiling sterilizer‍

Besides the ultrasonic cleaning machine and boiler embedded   in the workstation, the supply center may need separate ultrasonic cleaning machine, boiling machine and other equipment.

蒙版组 17.png

Dental washer-disinfector

Mixture of blood, saliva and human tissues, which is dangerous and infected, will be left on used dental instruments.   The cleaning and disinfection of these devices must comply with the relevant provisions of the "Health Security Guidelines" to prevent infection. Huaxi dental washer-disinfector is   produced based on the European standard of ENISO15883. It is mainly used for cleaning and disinfection of dental handpieces and related equipments.

  蒙版组 19.png

Medical drying cabinet‍

The smooth modeling design and advanced structural technology make the Chinese medical drying cabinet reliable and easy to operate, and can quickly dry the instruments and utensils before sterilization. The cabinet is designed with large volume, which can handle 16 DIN standard instrument trays or 48 anesthesia / respiratory pipes at one time.

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